A website with a blog!

Finally ... a blog for my hitherto inert website!

Two days of exploraion in the world of Wiki setups and content management systems, and I settle on "Personal Weblog" ... the extremely simple, matter-of-fact util for a hassle-free blog.

Interesting how one easily drifts into the feature-bloat quagmire when goes shopping in the Open Source World. I started out looking for a way to help post comments on my "planned" jewel of a website. Finally did find something useful after two days (and one sleepless night!) of unnecessary searching, because it was oh-so-tempting to have a personal Wiki-style interface to edit my own website!

But anyway, here it is now ... a plain html webpage with a simple little blogger.

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Mon 14 July 2003. Tags: meta,


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