Debianising KReSIT

Finally, Debian begins to get counted among the "respectable" Distros used in KReSIT. The DEP intends to use customised Knoppix CD's for the Foundations Lab course, while more and more people opt to use Debian GNU/Linux on their machines. Best part was getting Prof. Arya to agree to use Debian ... the selling point? He gets guaranteed support from me! :D

Full credits to the Knoppix CD's which make it so easy to impress newbies into making The Right Choice (tm)

Too bad Debian stable tends to get out of date very easily, or I wouldn't have spared the KReSIT servers either. Debian unstable would have been good enough, but the "unstable" in the name tends to scare people away.

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Mon 14 July 2003. Tags: free software,


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