A Wiki-based website in the pipes

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All that time spent in looking around for a content management system, surely left me with a great fascination for the Wiki way of managing information. Simply using your browser to create new pages with no need to worry about files is too good!

So here goes – a very shameless hack at PHPWiki to use it as a CMS for a single website! But I am already happy with the results; it would be so easy to maintain that version of the website!
Check it out!

Two things worth mentioning here – PHPWiki has this excellent plugin architecture that allows you to extend the features in arbitrary manners. I already used that to create a plugin for “RichTables” … the native support is simply not good enough if you care about the layout of your personal webpage. My plugin allows me to specify table and cell properties individually – I wonder if any Wiki implementation does that very well.

Next plugin planned is to have an interface between the blog and the Wiki-powered site. That would allow me to include data generated from the blog into any part of the Wiki. Not possible right now, but yeah its doable! Don’t think I’ll be using the Wiki version until I get this plugin in place!

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