The Debian chroot install

The setting:
Existing Debian unstable installation on a 20GB hard-disk, and a new 40GB hard-disk with a small Windows partition.
The task:
Installing Debian on the new hard-disk and shifting over to it in the "near future". But I want to do this without having to go through the painful bootable CD and stuff. Also, I have already partitioned the new hard-disk and formatted it with Reiserfs 3.6, which is unfortunately not supported by my old, kernel 2.2 based Debian boot CD.

The process:
As Karsten M. Self at TwikiIWeThey says ...
On the other hand, if you're experience with Debian, bored with convention, interested in a new challenge or feel that this method suits your current situation, read on. This method works in instances where a traditional Debian install doesn't, or would not be appropriate.

But actually I took his advice and decided to follow the section on "zero-downtime" "cross-root" install in the Debian Installation Manual.

Hard-disk partitions mounted under /mnt/debinst
apt-get install debootstrap
The debootstrap manual open in MozillaFirebird
and so it begins ...

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