Kohli on developing India

F.C. Kohli had visited KReSIT yesterday, and delivered a free talk on where India stands today in IT age and how there's a lot to be done, with a bright future for the young generation. But two points that he made really stuck out in the entire session ...

About the general development efforts in the country, he remarked
All these are only attempts at optimising the sub-systems. Optimising subsystems has never resulted in a better overall system!

He was also pretty passionate about introducing computers in the municipal schools, but pointed out the obvious that everyone has always managed to miss:

Yes, I do want to introduce computers in schools, but not in order to make the children computer literate. The computers should be given to the teacher, to be used as a tool. The teacher should be trained to use the computer, in order to enhance the education being imparted to the children!

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