a few treks ...

Been neglecting my brilliant idea of mainitaining a blog for quite some time now! Trekking in monsoon was great, hoping to continue with night-treks now!

Treks done so far - a sophies trek to Peb fort. It was great trek - good weather, enthu trekkers and great rains!

This was after the trek to Nakhind - few people from KReSIT, a couple of alumni, and a couple of "outsiders". The most remarkable part was being soaked in heavy rain for around 12 hours. Highly eventful trek, but too far back into the past, to write an account about!

And finally, a dept trek! A busload of enthu punters went to Visapur - they had seen the snaps from the earlier trek to Visapur, but obviously this wasn't the same thing, since the rain gods were long gone. The climb down was especially great, since we abandoned the wide paved road and hit the cattle-track, searching for a fictitious "shortcut". But the trek seems to have whetted people's appetite for outdoor activities - there's already demand for more!

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