"PhD is a state of mind, not a degree," they say! Well, one of the characteristics of this "state of mind" is the ability to make extra-ordinary statements about trivial matters, I believe.

The walk from hostel to department or back, is usually spent on such trivial matters of extreme significance. Today was a rather productive day, since Shantanu and I came up with two great lines!

First was when we saw a fellow student walk rapidly in what seemed like a great hurry to the department. We were walking at a rather slow pace, taking the sights along the way ... the best way to describe it?
"We never go to a place, we arrive!"

The second one was a result of a discussion about taking responsibility when things go wrong ...

"If you want the fame, gotta take the blame. There's no shame in that!"

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Sat 18 October 2003. Tags: campus life,


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