Depression unlimited!

Recently earned a new name ... "Darwin"!

People around here seem to have been bugged pretty bad by my generally depressed attitude. The last time I used my favourite remark, "Man, this is not just pathetic, its downright depressing!" dear old Shantanu got so bugged, he started looking for a new name.

Darwin, is a take-off on Marvin, the paranoid android, the perpetually depressed robot, from the Hitch Hikers' Guide, that goes "Here I am, with a brain the size of a planet, and all they ask me to do is open doors!"

"Shut up," Shantanu had said, "you think you are Marvin?" ... and I had remarked rather passionately that Marvin was better off than I was!

That's how I ended up with my new name ... Darwin! SameerDS - that's me! Know my middle name? Its DARWIN ... even Marwin's afraid of me!

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Tue 11 November 2003. Tags: campus life, marvin,


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