Mood-I ... from the trenches

I decided to add a new section to my blog, where I want to talk about everyday people and events, that truly bring out the "Carpe Diem" way of life. What better way to start the section, than by describing a posting from the internal newsgroups at IIT Bombay?

Here's something that I overheard on iitb.general, by someone called Ashwin. I wonder if I'll ever meet him, or the other's nicknamed "Ghoda" and "Machis"; but that's besides the point. For those (like me), who usually lag in the jargon-awareness department, "CG" is the title used for anyone on the "Core Group" that organises Mood Indigo, consisting of roughly 20-25 third-year BTech students.
Scene: Fusion nite, whole of OAT bursting to the brim, Shivamani on the
drums. CGs are as busy as anything, but manage to grab a few minutes to
watch the show. (I was just behind Ghoda and Machis at this time)
Shivamani asks for audience participation, and the response is huge,
thousands clapping to the drum beats. Ghoda to Machis: "Great response
yaar!" And then the two just smiled at each other before moving on. And
the contentment on their faces said it all : the slog and sweat put
in paying off, it was a small moment which they will cherish forever,
and whose simplicity and beauty I will never forget.

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