tea, and back again

How we spent the night of August 3rd, 2004
"tea, and back again"
"a mid-monsoon night's adventure"
by Chetan, Raghu, Sameer, Shantanu, Yug
This is just the first draft. Further corrections expected, mostly involving timings and person-to-person accounts.

10pm generally loafing around in the dept

11pm we go out for a birthday treat - guys only, so you can
imagine ;)

1am we finish eating and drinking

1:30 we decide to go out for a coffee

1:35 we reach rhodas in hiranandani, for wonderful desserts coffee for 45 bucks is not worth it, so we decide to have that in hostel for only 7 bucks

2am we get out of rhodas and decide to have tea instead. at lonavla! (from here on, the timings are approximate, since no one looked at a watch) next couple of hours, we drive through tuffan rain, flooded roads, huge trucks on either side of us

4am we climb khandala, and run into an amazing fog ... standard place, where you go under a bridge for the old highway, and then enter a tunnel. so much fog, that we can only see the white strip in front of us!

4:30 we travel through a deserted khandala, and equally deserted old highway to reach lonavla. don't forget torrential rain that you can barely see through, for the entire night and the next morning.

4:45 we finish tea at a really really small tapri by the road side, somewhere near lonavla station ... we don't really know.

6am (this is an approximation, sometime around daybreak) we reach the spot just before khopoli exit, where the road from lonavla joins the expressway again. we stop the car for a bit of "relief"

6:10 the car starts, and there's a scraping noise. flat tyre.

6:30 tyre changed, but now there's a thumping noise. the idea of getting out to khopoli for repairs was considered, but rejected. we drive slowly all the way to the toll both.

7:30 (the times may be completely off by now ... awaiting corrections from others) we wake up the mechanic, who actually refuses to wake up. After puncture repairs and further wheel repairs by another mechanic that refuses to wake up, the car's ready to go ... its one hour already!

8:30 back on the road. Again fighting huge trucks, potholes, rain and huge puddles.

10am we reach IIT. breakfast at staff canteen. loads of misal, medhu vada, idli.

11am finally, we accomplish what we set out for ... the 7-buck coffee at hostel 8! this is followed by a hot bath and a great sleep!

Mandatory declaration: Throughout the entire trip, all I did was sit in the back of the car, and sleep when appropriate. And yeah, I sang a couple of bad songs and made loads of excellent wisecracks.

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