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Just thought I should note that I finally settled for a sane and simple design on my website. No wiki, for managing it, just plain old php scripts edited by hand. But I do use DokuWiki for maintaining my notes. Also experimenting with some enhanchements of my own.

What I learnt from my experiments with PhpWiki
Never use a hammer to drive a loose screw!
The trouble was that I wanted a wiki for two different purposes - as a
CMS for my website, and as a means to make notes. But PhpWiki is meant for
neither - I don't know what it's specifically good for, but it certainly
didn't serve my purpose!
Finally I learnt it the hard way - if you want to get work done in a simple
way, use a simple tool! Also if you want a simple homepage with just basic info
in it, build the damn thing yourself. And again, use simple tools ... like
Personal Weblog and Gallery and DokuWiki.

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 14 January 2005. Tags: meta,


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