finally, the journal goes live!

I'd always been "left out" of the blogging scene simply because I couldn't get myself around to shift to livejournal. I've been writing rather infrequently on my own site, though.

Finally, here I am ... on LJ! I had tried command-line clients a year ago, that would help me upload my MySQL based blog to LJ. But I gave up, after some frustrating attempts at batch mode submissions through proxies. This time around, I managed to pull it off in two hours, and I have the time stamps to prove it!

It's all thanks to JLJ, the perl based command-line client. It has a nifty queuing system that can upload a bunch of entries from simple-to-edit text files. All it took was a perl script that dumped back-dated entries into serially numbered files. JLJ did its magic after that.

Now about the time-stamps ... was chatting with vipul when I re-embarked on this grand endeavour. He discovers that I had created this account exactly two years and one day ago! Co-incidence? Divine plans?

Anyway, also pasting a log of our conversation ... a partial account of the events that led to this posting. Makes me feel like Charlie Kaufman.

(21:30:23) sameerds: hey you there?
(21:30:36) vipulmathur: ya
(21:31:04) sameerds: i am back in upload-blog-to-livejournal mode :D
(21:31:19) vipulmathur: wah wah
(21:31:22) sameerds: thinking of trying out the command line clients and see if any of them can work in batch mode
(21:31:36) vipulmathur: interesting :)
(21:31:38) sameerds: so i can dump my own blog entries and put them up backdated on livejournal
(21:31:50) vipulmathur: ya.. good idea
(21:31:59) sameerds: thought i should do a quick check and see if you've heard of a way
(21:32:15) vipulmathur: might want to look at some of the gui clients as well... they might have an "import" feature
(21:32:29) vipulmathur: dunno of any exact one though
(21:32:53) sameerds: ok JLJ seems to have an offline mode, and the release file says the "queue file" is documented
(21:32:58) sameerds: maybe that's all i'll need
(21:33:06) sameerds: stay tuned for updates B-)
(21:33:45) vipulmathur: :) kewl
(21:33:51) vipulmathur: keep me posted
(21:33:56) vipulmathur: btw lj user=?
(21:34:08) sameerds: sameerds
(21:34:13) sameerds: unused so far
(21:34:16) vipulmathur: :>
(21:34:26) sameerds: why the naughty smile?
(21:35:07) vipulmathur: lucky you
(21:36:18) sameerds: ??
(21:36:27) sameerds: oh because i got my default id, is it?
(21:36:33) vipulmathur: ya duh
(21:36:36) vipulmathur: :)
(21:36:40) vipulmathur: how about trantor5
(21:36:44) vipulmathur: its free too
(21:36:49) vipulmathur: :D
(21:37:22) sameerds: hehe
(21:37:44) sameerds: sounds nice actually ... my online handle, if i ever use it, is actually "ashant"
(21:38:12) vipulmathur: hmm... :-?
(21:48:23) sameerds: it woiked it woiked
(21:48:34) vipulmathur: =D>
(21:48:41) vipulmathur: already there :)
(21:48:44) sameerds: a back-date entry in batch mode!
(21:49:01) sameerds: now all i need is a script to dump my blog in the original format
(21:49:31) vipulmathur: I just saw the transition from "updated 59 weeks ago" to "updated 48 seconds ago" :D
(21:49:37) sameerds: hehe
(21:50:16) vipulmathur: so has the dream come true? :>
(21:50:42) vipulmathur: [Feb. 22nd, 2005|09:42 pm] it says
(21:51:36) sameerds: right
(21:52:06) sameerds: one more entry ... just checking if renaming the queue files works ...
(21:52:34) sameerds: hmmm ... now its time for perl, and perldb ... since my blog is in mysql
(21:52:57) vipulmathur: hmm
(21:53:55) vipulmathur: you created your LJ account 1 year and one day + delta ago?
(21:54:02) vipulmathur: oops 2 years
(21:54:21) sameerds: why do you reckon that?
(21:54:35) sameerds: because of the entry?
(21:55:06) sameerds: "last updated 59 weeks ago" ... remember?
(21:55:26) sameerds: that entry i made was just a try at back dating ... changed the year for a new test entry in the queue
(21:55:45) vipulmathur: ya but 59 weeks == 1 year+ some weeks
(21:55:50) sameerds: oh ok
(21:55:52) sameerds: yeah
(21:56:09) vipulmathur: Date created:2004-02-21 03:49:21Date updated:2006-02-22 16:21:32, 1 minute ago
(21:56:11) sameerds: 1 year, one month and some more
(21:56:16) sameerds: oh cool
(21:56:20) sameerds: amazing! :D
(21:56:31) vipulmathur: is that a co-incidence :O
(21:56:45) vipulmathur: I mean the 2 year thing
(21:57:00) sameerds: it sure is! good matter for my first "fresh" blog entry, eh?
(21:57:14) vipulmathur: you bet!
(21:57:27) sameerds: time for an FLab-style night out now ...
(21:57:37) vipulmathur: he he :D
(21:58:18) sameerds: hell ... i am going to post this conversation itself ... reminds me of that movie ... "adaptation"
(21:58:31) sameerds: the one about the book about the orchids
(21:58:41) sameerds: nicholas cage in a double role
(21:59:25) vipulmathur: yo
(22:00:05) enjoy it dude! may the source be with you!

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