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To get things up to date, first "the" announcment - I got engaged on February 5th to a certain Miss Meenal Phatak from Dombivali. Known her for a year or so ...

Ever since I told all the near, far, dear and not-so-dear friends about it, there's been a steady trickle of congratulations, consolations, and of course, advice from the one's who are "on the other side". That varies from "good for you, dude!" to "enjoy it while you can" and lots of things in between, or otherwise.

Then there are those with some good-intentioned pointers attached with a claim of "trust me, I've been married for (insert suitable multiple of ten) years!" Here's some rather sound advice from one such friend. I normally hate the idea of expressing every-day things in technical terms, but this one makes the mark really well:
Now a word of advice in engineering (i.e. practical as against abstract-love-language or philosophically nebulous managment way) terms....You will be "in-phase" with Meenal until [after one year] (approx.), then you may start noticing phase lag (who lags whom depends and varies on a situational basis). At that time, your automatic phase locked loop circuit kicks in and the feedback system become stable. Leave some "jitter" in the system as it is needed for the overall stability of the system. Dominant poles don't move much, no matter how good your lock-in mechanism is....and don't kid yourself fretting over who the dominant pole really is (it is more important to know where it is!). As long as you are within about 10 deg. out of phase, the system will be stable all your life. Don't try too hard to be "in-phase" over time because it simply does not work! No detrimental effects of this "out-of-phase" relationship is observed over time. My conclusion is based on 20.5 years of observations of my personal kokanastha system in operation. Everything works out well in time domain as long as the initial conditions and integration limits are well defined.

Thanks for that, Dilip! Really hope you are around the day I "cross over" to the other (dark?) side.

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