DS9 surprise ...

I had initially been rather skeptical about Star Trek - Deep Space 9 ... but well into the second season, I am beginning to like it! Quite different from the other Star Trek story-lines, the characters in this one come in all hues and shades.

Was particularly amused by one scene from an episode I watched today, that introduces the Maqui ... we see Quark, the Firangi bartender on DS9, explaining war in terms of business to Sakonna, a Vulcan member of the Maqui

quark sakonna

Quark: Now ... the Third Rule clearly states that "never spend more for an acquisition, than you have to."
Sakonna: Logical, but I fail to see how that applies to my situation.
Quark: You want to acquire peace. Fine. Peace is good. But, how much're you willing to pay for it?
Sakonna: Whatever it costs.
Quark: That's the kind of irresponsible spending that causes so many business ventures to fail. You're forgetting the Third Rule. Right now, peace could be bought at a bargain price, and you don't even realise it.
Sakonna: I find this very confusing.
Quark: harrr ... then I'll make it so simple that even a Vulcan can understand.

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