LJ gimmicks

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I realised using the “lj-cut” tag is a rather bad idea … why force people to click on “Read more” when they can simply scroll and go on?

Hence, no more “lj-cut” from now on.

2 thoughts on “LJ gimmicks

  1. solzaire

    lj-cut is a convention and insisted upon by junta when you post pictures. Makes sense. For full text it is pointless to use. And lj-cut only works when people go to LJ user urls, not in aggregators or individual posts.

  2. mandards

    how do you get that smiley?
    I checked the live journal options but cant get to change the icon for “current mood” from penguin (it reminds me of linux) to “smiley” or any other. Lemme know abt the same.


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