engaging warp drive!

Finished watching the end of Season 2 for Star Trek DS9 ... what a way to end the season! (or to get started, actually ...) Found a nice line on the net describing the episode:

"The Jem'Hadar" is an intelligent, powerful episode that reveals all--and nothing--about the Dominion.


Sisko: You're one of the Founders, aren't you?
Eris: You think the Founders would waste their time with you?
Sisko: Constable!
Odo: Madam, if you'll come with us ...
Eris: You have no idea what's begun here (transports)
Sisko: Chief!
O'Brian: I am picking up a transporter signature but I can't trace it. She didn't remateriliaze anywhere on the station, and there are no ships near by.
Bashir: Then where is she?
Kira: She'll be back; question is, who she'll bring with her.
Sisko: (camera zooms slowly, intense drama :) If the Dominion comes through the worm-hole, the first battle will be fought here. And I intend to be ready for them.

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