vanquishing ghosts ...

I had a run-in with a ghost very early this morning ... and I won!

Been a frequent problem with me actually, that when I fall asleep, I am quite likely to be lying in a contorted position, with some strain on the neck and shoulders. The result is blocked blood flow to the head some time later (or at least that's what I think it is). And then my brain starts playing games with me.

I am usually half awake at this point ... I can see and hear things around me, but try as I might, I can't move my limbs and nor can I wake up. Then I start seeing things that aren't really there - familiar things take on new shapes, and some of the shapes take on faces. Trying to wake up in this situation is the most difficult part. It's rather painful too, with your head throbbing, and your heart responding to some kinda fear of those unseen things. Being fully aware of my state, I go to great lengths to try and wake up ... I even tried calling the guy in the next room once, on the cellphone, so that he could come and wake me up. But since there was no motor control, that didn't work out.

Today was one such morning. It started as a dream, but eventually I realised I am in my own room. The trouser hanging by a hook on the wall had sprouted half limbs and a rather scary face, and was trying to talk to me. I tried to tell it that I know what's happening and I am not afraid, but that didn't really help. Then I decided to do something that I had not done before. I closed my eyes and ignored it!!! Next thing I know, I am asleep and I wake up fully in a few minutes. At least, I guess it was just a few minutes, since the light at dawn hadn't changed much.

Always wondered how many ghost stories must have originated in remote villages, before there were vehicles, when people had to cross jungles on foot. All it takes is a person sleeping on a protruding root of a tree in the wrong position, and the whole jungle comes alive around him!

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