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What better way to start the day than an enlightening mail from your friendly neighbourhood fanatic. This message was truly enlightening ... it en-light-ened my mood to no end ... havn't had such amusing bullshit for breakfast in a long time!

Dear Friends,
"Human Genome Project" was an ambitious project to map the genes of various communities of Humans. But as was speculated earlier, this project turned out to be used for various socio-politico-psychological purposes.

Now they have concluded that"Human Ancestors May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees" , check the link http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/17/AR2006051702158.html

My firm opinion is that this may be the history or past of the medieval ancestors of Euro-Americo-African people, but definitely not of Indians. We are born out of Rishis, Munis, which are indicated by our Gotra.

Its my strong request to the Governments of US, UK etc that the "Darwins Theory and the present THEORY PROJECTED BY Genome Project " which tries to prove that humans have element of "Monkeys" due to the secret indulgence with Monkeys may be taught to their students of their respective nations.

We are born out of cultured Rishis ( Thats our Rich and Vatican Bothering Identity)so they may not try to harm our indentity by preaching their so called findings of Genetic Project.

If the Da Vinci Code can bother even the Central Government of India ... I think the display of this theory on Indian Internet and Indian journals should also bother our Central Government. Even the Christian members should oppose this theory since it goes against the Bible. And Muslims too should be irked due to this theory because if they get troubled by the cartoon of Mohammad ... what should they do in case the Genome Project theory says the Humans have interbred and have elements of Monkey... so if they do not oppose this theory .. even Mohammed may come under this theory ... again going against Koran.

I am surprised as to why Vatican is quite in this matter .... the Vatican Silence on this issue points to something "Daal Mein Kaala" ..

We wont even mind if they tell their students that they are ancestors of whatever monkey or donkey .. we would even believe the theory if they say it about themselves.

Friends we should be aware of these slow-poisoning and Identity - Destroying strategies of west.


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