as if!

Just to make a point, I use a Colgate medium toothbrush and Pepsodent two-in-one toothpaste. If I use just white paste, the "fresh breath" doesn't stay around for too long; if I use gel, the teeth don't feel so nice by afternoon! So I prefer Pepsodent 2-in-1, or a DIY combination. And due to gross mismanagement of resources, I actually have three toothbrushes at my Powai home, two at my parents' place in Thane, and one at my aunt's place in Pune!

So there. I put it online. It's official now. Some people actually think that shallow sarcasm is going to get them anywhere! Boston Brahmins are crazy, I say.

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Tue 11 July 2006. Tags: blarg,


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