Gondor has arrived!

Found a small file called Isildur.pdf on the LAN ... and opened it out of curiosity! It seems to be just what the doctor ordered! Had been missing Fantasy for some time now ... this is the story of Isildur, that was never published because "Professor Tolkien", according to the author, did not permit spin-offs on his work.

He was a man of contradictions and paradoxes: a valiant and merciless warrior but also a loving husband and father; esteeming virtue and honor above all things but intolerant of the weaknesses of others; of noble lineage and demeanor but also comfortable with his subjects and beloved by them. Even the great error that doomed him and marred the age that followed was not due to weakness on his part. It was his very nobility and virtue, his confidence in his ability to control Sauron's Ring that brought about his downfall.

His contemporaries heaped all praise and honor on him as a paragon of royal virtue, but his heirs had reason enough to curse his name. What sort of man was Isildur, the only Man to wear Sauron's One Ring? We decided to concentrate our research on this remarkable figure.

From the Preface to:
by Brian K. Crawford
with Gary D. Crawford

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