Happy New Year ...

The year has hardly begun, and it's already fun!

  • My first stint on the roads in a car, without an instructor. Drove around 25-30km from Dombivali to Titwala. Exhilarating, to say the least ... couldn't get over the excitement for a couple of days.
  • It's now cold enough to use the ultra-soft, ultra-light rajai that we got from Simla. Heaven!
  • The new semester begins ... I hit campus at 9:30, and the place is abuzz with students hurrying to their lectures.

And now looking forward to:

  • My first publication
  • What is likely to be my last Annual Progress Seminar in late January
  • A conclusion in June to life as a grad student

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Thu 04 January 2007. Tags: driving, mark, new year, publication,


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