the end of an era

I went out to YP for lunch as usual, and the first thing I noticed was the colour yellow. A very specific kind of yellow. The one that Arthur Dent saw reflected in his shaving mirror that fateful day.

The yellow resolved itself into the shape of a bulldozer. I crossed the road, and we stood face to face, both unaware of the ramifications that its presence implied, on the social future of the generations of IITians to come. Only after finishing my meal and leaving Harish did I see that something was amiss. The structures on either side of Harish were roofless. Further down the road, the smaller shops were almost entirely gone.

It has reached Powai. The grand celebration of life in Mumbai called "road widening". An unconfirmed rumour (heh!) has it that Lakshmi, SP and Harish are teaming up to manage a new eating joint in the mall built opposite Pizza Hut at the entrance to HN. Only one haunt will remain --- RK. RK was, and RK will be. Because RK is. Everything else is just floatsam and jetsam.

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 09 March 2007. Tags: campus life, sp,


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