furniture to go ...

I had posted earlier about my fascination with some old furniture I checked out in Oshiwara. But better advice prevailed and all plans to buy that have been ditched. For a couple of reasons --- serious restrictions when considering interiors for the house that we will eventually buy, and the damn things are two heavy to shift.

Ordered a cane sofa-set instead, along with a computer desk that can be dismantled, and two metal storewels, but not from Godrej, at half the Godrej price. Basically things that can be shifted when we move to yet another rented house later, and can be disposed off with very little repentance, once we have our own house.

Forecasts say that we will have to shift residence a maximum of two more times before we settle in a house of our own.

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Tue 08 May 2007. Tags: makaan,


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