across the lake

Caught a bus towards home yesterday evening, and actually got a seat right away. Managed to view the Powai lake and campus from all sides, on my way towards Aarey colony. In the cloudy atmosphere shrouded further by the drizzling rain, "the Titanic" looked rather forelorn. I found myself traveling from main gate to H12, and along the way passing gulmohar, the hospital, KReSIT, CC (which is almost rubble now), coffee shack, convo, MB, staff-C, SAC grounds, H11, H8 ... mostly places that I have not seen in quite a few months now, being in that limbo where I am a student yet, but not a resident anymore. Those few nanoseconds of FTL travel were filled with the ghosts of experiences long savoured, incidents long forgotten, people who have been real "teachers" to me, regardless of whether they were in the teaching profession or not ...

Found myself looking back at myself in the bus from the top of H12. But I didn't feel sad ... a smile crept over the face, and I felt strangely happy. "Home" is barely enough to describe what went through my mind. I wonder when I actually leave campus for good, will my last goodbye feel this way? I think I'll have to make do with the memory of yesterday evening.

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