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Took a stroll in the kitchen-ware section of the friendly neighbourhood mall, looking at microwave ovens. We intend to buy one some time soon, but weren’t sure what to look for, when selecting one. Here’s a list of features to consider, that I collected through some searches on the net. I ask the experienced among you … which of these are relevant? Which are the must-haves, and the dont-cares?

  1. The user interface — the front panel — is there anything really convenient or really inconvenient to look out for, considering common daily usage, in the buttons, displays and settings?
  2. The interior — most are stainless steel, while others are some kind of polymer on metal or something. Which one lasts? And is also easy to clean?
  3. Same for the door — some have plastic doors, while others have metal doors. I don’t suppose anyone uses glass for the transparent area, but if there is one with glass, will definitely consider that a plus point.
  4. The net recommends checking for grease filters that are easy to clean. Is that a big deal?
    Delayed start timer — almost all ovens seem to have that, these days.
  5. Keep-warm modes after cooking
  6. Turntable, easily removable to facilitate cooking
  7. Safety interlocks on the door
  8. Variable power setting (same as temperature?)
  9. Sensors to detect food done (I find this indistinguishable from magic, is technology sufficiently advanced to actually deliver this kind of functionality?)
  10. Weight sensor to decide settings (kinda made sense to me when I saw one which had this)
  11. Microwave/Grill/Convection — we decided we don’t expect to be baking any cakes. But the grill seems like a “just-in-case” item that one might prove handy some time
  12. And finally, manufacturers — which ones to totally avoid, and which ones to consider important enough to compromise on a feature above? Bajaj seems to be the only one that gives a one-year replacement guarantee. I liked the look of Onida ovens, but the flat interface of Panasonic ones seemed more convenient.

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  1. pcube

    just get something that will help u warm your food and make occassional pizzas/ cakes/ tandorri stuff. itna mat socho! at the end u will mostly be using it for warming leftovers!:D


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