seeking the light (part 1)

I had been ranting about how the HDFC website sucks, for actually asking you to use IE and not working with any other web browser. But recently discovered that even the ICICI bank website suffers from this stupidity. Lodged a complaint with them, which I intend as an open letter. Here it is:

I have been a regular customer of ICICI Bank for a long time now. One thing that encourages me to continue working with ICICI is that the internet based services have always been well-maintained and functional. But I was disappointed with the new complaint tracking system introduced on the website. It does not work on any browser other than Internet Explorer.

An internet service should not force the user to select what kind of software they use on their computer. I am a Linux user, and run Firefox as the browser. Even when using Windows, I prefer Firefox when browsing. Besides being far more secure than Microsoft products, these software reflect my freedom to choose what software I use on my computer. The new complaint tracking system (that I am using right now to write this) takes this freedom away from me, and also forces me to use software that I cannot in any way rely on for security.

I believe this is a rather irresponsible move on the part of ICICI and urge you to move towards web standards compliance. If this rot spreads to the regular services on the ICICI internet banking site, I will be forced to close my account and move to a better bank.

I intend this as an open letter to ICICI bank rather than a single customer complaint. A copy of this has been put up on my blog as well.

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