seeking the light (part 2)

Here's a follow up to the previous post. Just one correction: the HDFC Bank website works quite well with Firefox ... it's the HDFC Securities website that sucks. Here's a reply to the reply from ICICI over my complaint:

I had filed a service request regarding the complaint tracking system, which does not seem to work with the Firefox web browser. I was contacted by a customer service officer, <snip>, who informed me that the ICICI Bank website works only with Firefox version 1.5, at a resolution of 800x600. At that time I had replied to him that this requirement is not acceptable given the current state of technology. But he insisted that this is all that the ICICI bank website supports, and he had promised me that he will forward this issue to the development team.

I do not have a record of the actual service request number, but it is referred to with the identifier <snip> in the email that I received from the website.

As a follow up to that, I would like to file a new service request further clarifying my original problem, as well as expressing my disappointment with the "disclaimer" on the ICICI Bank website regarding browser requirements. I have been forced to reboot into Windows solely for this purpose, because the complaint tracking system currently works only in Internet Explorer.

  1. The issue I see with the complaint tracking system is a Javascript coding error, which is clearly visible in the Javascript debugging console in Firefox 2. I repeat, the problem is with the Javascript that is currently hosted on the ICICI Bank website, and not the browser.
  2. Additionally, the requirement that mentions Firefox 1.5 and a resolution 800x600 is not acceptable, and ICICI Bank should take prompt action to change it. Firefox 1.5 was released at the end of 2005. Right now, at the end of 2007, Firefox 3 is almost ready for release. Also, 800x600 is a decade-old requirement; no person who currently uses a computer works at a resolution less than 1024x768, and ICICI Bank's requirements are completely outdated in that context.
  3. Problem (1) has nothing to do with problem (2), and yet another call from a non-technical staff instructing me to change the browser and the screen resolution that I use is not the relevant solution for this.

As a comparison, here are the browser requirements from the HDFC Bank website, which incidently works flawlessly on Firefox, in both Windows and Linux.

"NetBanking at HDFC Bank works best with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above and Netscape 4.7 and above."

Notice the phrase "and above" included by HDFC Bank, where ICICI Bank mentions specific browser versions. Additionally, the HDFC Bank website does not mention any requirements for screen resolution, as opposed to the demand for a screen resolution of 800x600 at the ICICI Bank website.

As with my previous service request, I intend this as an open letter to ICICI, and a copy is posted on my blog.

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