my kind of notebook PC is finally here!

Finally decided that I do need a notebook now. The correct segment for me seems to be ultra-thin notebooks, rather than a netbook. And just in time, here comes the HP DV2. The general opinion on the inter-tubes suggests that it's a good buy. It fulfills the following things that I am looking for:

  1. Light (it's only 4 pounds ... 1.8kg)
  2. Comfortable keyboard
  3. 12" screen
  4. Decently powerful, for a few things beyond email and surfing.
  5. Bluetooth as well as dot-11
  6. Large hard-disc
  7. "Affordable"

Few questions remain:

  1. Does it run Ubuntu? Also, can I "upgrade" the bundled Vista to XP, sitting in India?
  2. This product is AMD's way to break into a whole new market segment between netbooks and notebooks. Will better things come along (I think it's not worth waiting)

Unless I hear anything really bad about it soon, I think I'll just go for it.

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Sun 03 May 2009. Tags: notebook,


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