power play

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 07 December 2007. Tags: investment, mutual funds,

We had some loose cash on our hands, and so decided to invest. Our regular investments happen in ELSS schemes, thanks to Section 80C. Besides that, we put some money every year in diversified equity funds and some hand-picked shares. This time, we decided to venture along a different route …

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selecting a microwave oven

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Sat 06 October 2007. Tags: advice,

Took a stroll in the kitchen-ware section of the friendly neighbourhood mall, looking at microwave ovens. We intend to buy one some time soon, but weren't sure what to look for, when selecting one. Here's a list of features to consider, that I collected through some searches on the net …

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three men and a tube-light

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Thu 02 August 2007. Tags: campus life,

Here's stuff that could inspire a PhD comic! :)

Location: S24, the place where two old-timers from CSE can be found at random times of the day ... me and yogi, basically.

Time: about five minutes ago, late evening with the natural light going down to unacceptable levels.


In walks another …

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