accord with Hrithik?

Seems that umbilical cord blood banking in India received some starry recognition recently. There’s also a rather informative general discussion about it on Slashdot. I haven’t made up my mind about it yet, but I am pretty sure it’s all a waste of money for the following reasons: It smells like a scam … just […]

chasing mystery girls

Ubuntu is playing with a new idea for desktop notifications … you can watch a video on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog. They are supposed to be ephemeral, non-actionable pop-ups that “are gone like a mystery girl on the bus you didn’t get on” 🙂 Saw the video, and I say desktop notifications should not appear in […]

sitting on the desktop fence

A long long time ago, I first saw a true Desktop for Linux when KDE was first announced. But later came GNU’s response in the form of GNOME, with its radical focus on desktop usability. Once I switched to GNOME, I never felt like going back to KDE inspite of the warts. Things have come […]

on the use of pre- and post- increment iterators, and erasing elements from an STL map

After spending a tense 2-3 hours trying to track down a segmentation fault, here’s what I found. The explanation is subtle and obscure enough to be documented in every text book that ever claims to teach “proper” C/C++ programming practices! Maybe they already do that, and I didn’t happen to read the right books. I […]

seeking the light (part 3)

I got a reply from ICICI … imagine the warm fuzzy feeling I experienced to know that they “regret the inconvenience” caused to me! The email I sent got submitted twice … so waiting for a second dose of that warm fuzzy feeling. Note to fellow ICICI sufferers: If you file a service request, and […]

seeking the light (part 2)

Here’s a follow up to the previous post. Just one correction: the HDFC Bank website works quite well with Firefox … it’s the HDFC Securities website that sucks. Here’s a reply to the reply from ICICI over my complaint: I had filed a service request regarding the complaint tracking system, which does not seem to […]