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three men and a tube-light

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Thu 02 August 2007. Tags: campus life,

Here's stuff that could inspire a PhD comic! :)

Location: S24, the place where two old-timers from CSE can be found at random times of the day ... me and yogi, basically.

Time: about five minutes ago, late evening with the natural light going down to unacceptable levels.


In walks another …

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across the lake

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 29 June 2007. Tags: campus life,

Caught a bus towards home yesterday evening, and actually got a seat right away. Managed to view the Powai lake and campus from all sides, on my way towards Aarey colony. In the cloudy atmosphere shrouded further by the drizzling rain, "the Titanic" looked rather forelorn. I found myself traveling …

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the end of an era

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 09 March 2007. Tags: campus life, sp,

I went out to YP for lunch as usual, and the first thing I noticed was the colour yellow. A very specific kind of yellow. The one that Arthur Dent saw reflected in his shaving mirror that fateful day.

The yellow resolved itself into the shape of a bulldozer. I …

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Depression unlimited!

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Tue 11 November 2003. Tags: campus life, marvin,

Recently earned a new name ... "Darwin"!

People around here seem to have been bugged pretty bad by my generally depressed attitude. The last time I used my favourite remark, "Man, this is not just pathetic, its downright depressing!" dear old Shantanu got so bugged, he started looking for a new …

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Discovering Pink Floyd

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 24 October 2003. Tags: campus life,

Yesterday was a major night out in the hostel wing ... among other activities, one major accomplishment was getting to appreciate rock music in general, and Pink Floyd in particular.

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain You are young and life is long and there …

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Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Sat 18 October 2003. Tags: campus life,

"PhD is a state of mind, not a degree," they say! Well, one of the characteristics of this "state of mind" is the ability to make extra-ordinary statements about trivial matters, I believe.

The walk from hostel to department or back, is usually spent on such trivial matters of extreme …

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