three men and a tube-light

Here’s stuff that could inspire a PhD comic! 🙂

Location: S24, the place where two old-timers from CSE can be found at random times of the day … me and yogi, basically.

Time: about five minutes ago, late evening with the natural light going down to unacceptable levels.


In walks another RS, , and is about to say “Hi!”. Instead I grab the opportunity and pre-empt him with a quick “Can you switch on the light please!” He is dazed, but I am dazed even further when Yogi (aka Preetam Patil) says “Yeah, I have been hoping Sam will get up to turn it on!”

across the lake

Caught a bus towards home yesterday evening, and actually got a seat right away. Managed to view the Powai lake and campus from all sides, on my way towards Aarey colony. In the cloudy atmosphere shrouded further by the drizzling rain, “the Titanic” looked rather forelorn. I found myself traveling from main gate to H12, and along the way passing gulmohar, the hospital, KReSIT, CC (which is almost rubble now), coffee shack, convo, MB, staff-C, SAC grounds, H11, H8 … mostly places that I have not seen in quite a few months now, being in that limbo where I am a student yet, but not a resident anymore. Those few nanoseconds of FTL travel were filled with the ghosts of experiences long savoured, incidents long forgotten, people who have been real “teachers” to me, regardless of whether they were in the teaching profession or not …

Found myself looking back at myself in the bus from the top of H12. But I didn’t feel sad … a smile crept over the face, and I felt strangely happy. “Home” is barely enough to describe what went through my mind. I wonder when I actually leave campus for good, will my last goodbye feel this way? I think I’ll have to make do with the memory of yesterday evening.

the end of an era

I went out to YP for lunch as usual, and the first thing I noticed was the colour yellow. A very specific kind of yellow. The one that Arthur Dent saw reflected in his shaving mirror that fateful day.

The yellow resolved itself into the shape of a bulldozer. I crossed the road, and we stood face to face, both unaware of the ramifications that its presence implied, on the social future of the generations of IITians to come. Only after finishing my meal and leaving Harish did I see that something was amiss. The structures on either side of Harish were roofless. Further down the road, the smaller shops were almost entirely gone.

It has reached Powai. The grand celebration of life in Mumbai called “road widening”. An unconfirmed rumour (heh!) has it that Lakshmi, SP and Harish are teaming up to manage a new eating joint in the mall built opposite Pizza Hut at the entrance to HN. Only one haunt will remain — RK. RK was, and RK will be. Because RK is. Everything else is just floatsam and jetsam.

Depression unlimited!

Recently earned a new name … “Darwin”!

People around here seem to have been bugged pretty bad by my generally depressed attitude. The last time I used my favourite remark, “Man, this is not just pathetic, its downright depressing!” dear old Shantanu got so bugged, he started looking for a new name.

Darwin, is a take-off on Marvin, the paranoid android, the perpetually depressed robot, from the Hitch Hikers’ Guide, that goes “Here I am, with a brain the size of a planet, and all they ask me to do is open doors!

Shut up,” Shantanu had said, “you think you are Marvin?” … and I had remarked rather passionately that Marvin was better off than I was!

That’s how I ended up with my new name … Darwin! SameerDS – that’s me! Know my middle name? Its DARWIN … even Marwin’s afraid of me!

Discovering Pink Floyd

Yesterday was a major night out in the hostel wing … among other activities, one major accomplishment was getting to appreciate rock music in general, and Pink Floyd in particular.

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find that ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

Need I say more?
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PhD is a state of mind, not a degree,” they say! Well, one of the characteristics of this “state of mind” is the ability to make extra-ordinary statements about trivial matters, I believe.

The walk from hostel to department or back, is usually spent on such trivial matters of extreme significance. Today was a rather productive day, since Shantanu and I came up with two great lines!
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Aliens …

General conversation sitting on the KReSIT lawns turns towards aliens landing on planet Earth:

“If aliens land here, won’t the laugh at us? Considering all those foolish depictions of aliens in Hollywood flicks”?

“Wonder if that’s really true … even they would have had similar concepts once upon a time … woh kya aasman se thode hi tapke hain? Although, that is true in some sense!”

“Boss, aliens jab asman se tapkenge, to kya khajoor me atkenge?

😉 And once again, have to mention Raghu for the last line!

Spaceship earth

“Overheard” this in an email “conversation” in KReSIT, that I was dragged into, without consent.

I say bah to world peace! The sooner we screw up this planet the sooner we move out. Europa! here I come.

UPDATE: Raghu insists that I acknowledge him for that excellent(?) quote(??)

Interesting to note what Smith says to Morpheus about humanity …

You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague. And we are… the cure.

Judgement day is inevitable, said the T101 … you did not prevent it, he said … you merely postponed it!
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Cheating on a pact

Consider a situation where two guys make a pact, that they will stop doing something that they normally enjoy doing. Now depending how this pact came about to be, one can’t really know which one of them, or both, is actually joking about the whole thing.

So naturally, since they normally enjoy doing the thing that they agreed not to do, each will definitely enjoy cheating on the other guy. But the enjoyment takes on a different nature when one of them gets discovered …

From now on the first guy, who was discovered, will have a guilt-complex about cheating anymore. Hey will continue cheating, since he can’t resist it, but he won’t really enjoy doing it. But the other guy will have a whale of a time – he gets to continue cheating, and in fact, his enjoyment is now enhanced by the other guy’s guilt! All he has to do is be more careful about it, and continue harping on the fact that the first guy was discovered cheating!

Samajhdaar ko ishara kaafi hai 😉
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