hard disc trouble again …

but Debian makes it sooooo painless!

The 40GB hdd that I had shifted to, crashed some time ago … and my trusty old 20GB is on the last legs of its “revolutionary” life. So, here we go again, moving house … but with the automagical chroot install, you move everything – even the kitchen sink!

But as always, there’s a dark side to everything, and its invariably caused by the hordes of Mammon out there in Win-Win land! A modeling software I was using kinda loved the old hard-disc … wouldn’t run on the new one – “Invalid license,” it said, “incorrect disc ID!” So here I am, waiting for yet another license request to come through!
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The Debian chroot install

The setting:
Existing Debian unstable installation on a 20GB hard-disk, and a new 40GB hard-disk with a small Windows partition.

The task:
Installing Debian on the new hard-disk and shifting over to it in the “near future”. But I want to do this without having to go through the painful bootable CD and stuff. Also, I have already partitioned the new hard-disk and formatted it with Reiserfs 3.6, which is unfortunately not supported by my old, kernel 2.2 based Debian boot CD.
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Moving to a larger hard disk

While the rest of the world goes into the terabyte age, I make a small move for myself … shifting from a 20GB hard disk to a 40GB one. Tried out PGI aka piggy, the cute little GUI installer for Debian. But it doesn’t seem to have an option to use Reiserfs, which is what I want to try out. So its back to one of the netinst CD images, the only problem is that the installer seems to have a 1024-cylinder limit, although LILO itself should not have a problem. So need to repartition, since I didn’t consider that while making the initial partitions!
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