chasing mystery girls

Ubuntu is playing with a new idea for desktop notifications … you can watch a video on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog. They are supposed to be ephemeral, non-actionable pop-ups that “are gone like a mystery girl on the bus you didn’t get on” 🙂

Saw the video, and I say desktop notifications should not appear in the first place. I hope they create the option to turn them off before they start coding those ghastly distracting things! The only thing that I ever want popping up is an event that needs my attention, not want it. In that sense, they should be like the wife that you should not ignore, rather than the mystery girl you shouldn’t be worried about anyway!

I’ve always wondered what it is about the Linux desktop that is so great compared to Windows, and this is one of those features … the desktop doesn’t take your eyes off your work unless it’s important! And now, the flagship Linux desktop wants to do just that!

sitting on the desktop fence

A long long time ago, I first saw a true Desktop for Linux when KDE was first announced. But later came GNU’s response in the form of GNOME, with its radical focus on desktop usability. Once I switched to GNOME, I never felt like going back to KDE inspite of the warts. Things have come full circle now, with KDE taking some great steps towards usability. It seems now that I just might decide to switch when KDE 4.1 is released.

And yeah, I know, believe and rejoice in the all-powerful command line, but using a desktop does not in any way take away its power. For some simple yet frequent things in life, the command line is simply not enough.