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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Git

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 12 October 2012. Tags: blarg, don't panic,

One needs the following in order face a git disaster and live to tell the story:

  1. Humility, to read the fine manual.
  2. Courage, to submit your code to the will of the force.
  3. Common sense, to stop you from manually editing any file under ./.git.
  4. Luck.
  5. Tactical smarts, because sometimes …

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vanquishing ghosts ...

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Wed 12 April 2006. Tags: don't panic, ghosts,

I had a run-in with a ghost very early this morning ... and I won!

Been a frequent problem with me actually, that when I fall asleep, I am quite likely to be lying in a contorted position, with some strain on the neck and shoulders. The result is blocked blood …

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