change of status …

Hmmm … been absconding long enough now, I suppose!

Wedding – done.
HoneyMoon – done.
Shifting to new house – done.

Current status:
Completed two weeks of naya “sansar” (that’s marathi for “ghar-grihasthi”).
Also completed ten days of managing the house on our own, with no parental guidance.

New front-loading, 7kg, Siemens 2002XL washing machine (Made in Turkey) and the bliss of weekly laundry.
Steadily improving cooking skills.
Shopping for groceries and vegetables at Shoprite Hyper.

None yet! 😉

Upload photos.
Get back to work … hmmmm.

worry for nothing, advice for free

To get things up to date, first “the” announcment – I got engaged on February 5th to a certain Miss Meenal Phatak from Dombivali. Known her for a year or so …

Ever since I told all the near, far, dear and not-so-dear friends about it, there’s been a steady trickle of congratulations, consolations, and of course, advice from the one’s who are “on the other side”. That varies from “good for you, dude!” to “enjoy it while you can” and lots of things in between, or otherwise.

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