general updates

Done with the paper presentation, comfortably settled back into the standard low-power “grad” operation mode. This second trip to Bangalore reinforced my infatuation with the city. Good to know that given the current situation of the VLSI Design industry, I am likely to spend a considerable amount of time living in Bangalore after graduating.

Currently working towards the APS, but looking forward to the weekend trip to Mahabaleshwar towards the end of the month, along with chetanv and our respective SOs. That, followed by Roger Waters’ trip to Mumbai next month.

Happy New Year …

The year has hardly begun, and it’s already fun!

  • My first stint on the roads in a car, without an instructor. Drove around 25-30km from Dombivali to Titwala. Exhilarating, to say the least … couldn’t get over the excitement for a couple of days.
  • It’s now cold enough to use the ultra-soft, ultra-light rajai that we got from Simla. Heaven!
  • The new semester begins … I hit campus at 9:30, and the place is abuzz with students hurrying to their lectures.

And now looking forward to:

  • My first publication
  • What is likely to be my last Annual Progress Seminar in late January
  • A conclusion in June to life as a grad student