horror at livejournal

Just noticed this weekend that I don’t seem to have any control over ads that LiveJournal shows on my blog. Was browsing on a borrowed PC with no AdBlock, and was shocked to see the right side occupied by a huge flash video of a blonde teenager seemingly chatting on a laptop and “pointing downwards”.

How do I get out of this mess? Can I choose which ads show up on livejournal? Or should I jump ship already?

TrustFlow results for sameerds

The first meme that begged me to post it on my blog with helpful “no cut-and-paste needed, and you can preview and edit it before posting”. So here it is! I tried out TrustFlow II for LiveJournal. The following people not on the friends list for sameerds are close by:

More results below the cut…

LJ gimmicks

I realised using the “lj-cut” tag is a rather bad idea … why force people to click on “Read more” when they can simply scroll and go on?

Hence, no more “lj-cut” from now on.

finally, the journal goes live!

I’d always been “left out” of the blogging scene simply because I couldn’t get myself around to shift to livejournal. I’ve been writing rather infrequently on my own site, though.

Finally, here I am … on LJ! I had tried command-line clients a year ago, that would help me upload my MySQL based blog to LJ. But I gave up, after some frustrating attempts at batch mode submissions through proxies. This time around, I managed to pull it off in two hours, and I have the time stamps to prove it!
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A section on Indic computing

Recently started a new section on Indic Computing. It started as an intial post on a mailing list, explaining to people what “unicode” means and what’s the difference between “fonts” and “encodings” … there’s not much on it currently, but I hope to start putting in some useful stuff and links to relevant sites, especially those related to Indianization of the GNU. Hope to use PhpWiki and mod_rewrite to manage the “/indic/” section.
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A Wiki-based website in the pipes

All that time spent in looking around for a content management system, surely left me with a great fascination for the Wiki way of managing information. Simply using your browser to create new pages with no need to worry about files is too good!

So here goes – a very shameless hack at PHPWiki to use it as a CMS for a single website! But I am already happy with the results; it would be so easy to maintain that version of the website!
Check it out!

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