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tea, and back again

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Wed 04 August 2004. Tags: outdoors,
How we spent the night of August 3rd, 2004
"tea, and back again"
"a mid-monsoon night's adventure"
by Chetan, Raghu, Sameer, Shantanu, Yug
This is just the first draft. Further corrections expected, mostly involving timings and person-to-person accounts.

10pm generally loafing around in the dept

11pm we go …

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a few treks ...

Written by sameer in Uncategorized on Fri 10 October 2003. Tags: outdoors,
Been neglecting my brilliant idea of mainitaining a blog for quite some time now! Trekking in monsoon was great, hoping to continue with night-treks now!

Treks done so far - a sophies trek to Peb fort. It was great trek - good weather, enthu trekkers and great rains!

This was after the …

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