Photos from the Visapur trek

The photos from the Visapur trek are up! (here) These were taken from Abhijit’s digital camera …

That was one nice trek – very easy to climb, so easy in fact that we spent a lot of time just roaming along the way, and of course, having a great time in the streams! Visapur is a huge fort … and so is Lohagad next to it. We walked a little more than three kilometers along the outer wall of the fort but still got to see only half of it!

Nice pics of the car drive back to Mumbai, on the Express Highway are here.
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A trip to Pune and a “picnic” at Visapur

Returned today from a general trip to Pune, that included a trek with the Veritas guys. Shantanu, Raghu, Ashish and I left for Pune on Friday evening in Raghu’s car and returned today pre-lunch after a rather interesting stay for two days.

After a lot of indecisive discussion, we went off to Visapur for a trek on Saturday morning. What was supposed to be a rather nice trek, turned out to be more of a picnic, since Visapur is so damn easy to climb!

Details coming up later when Abhijit, the MTech99 guy who now works in Veritas, manages to upload the photos. He has his own complaints about the Sysads (that includes me) about disk space, but that’s a different story.
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