in the news

The publication at VLSI07 seems to have attracted media attention. EE Times is running an article about it! They mailed saying they wrote about our work in their online edition, and now want to do a print version too! The article sure makes our work seem much larger than life!

This can be good if we end up with a startup based on our work … seems like a good idea too, what with all the VLSI design boom visible in our country.

Happy New Year …

The year has hardly begun, and it’s already fun!

  • My first stint on the roads in a car, without an instructor. Drove around 25-30km from Dombivali to Titwala. Exhilarating, to say the least … couldn’t get over the excitement for a couple of days.
  • It’s now cold enough to use the ultra-soft, ultra-light rajai that we got from Simla. Heaven!
  • The new semester begins … I hit campus at 9:30, and the place is abuzz with students hurrying to their lectures.

And now looking forward to:

  • My first publication
  • What is likely to be my last Annual Progress Seminar in late January
  • A conclusion in June to life as a grad student