punyanagari and back …

Back from a quick visit to Pune, meeting up with a couple of friends and scouting for wedding garments. First thing I noticed was the huge number of huge malls coming up … mostly in Koregaon Park, M. G. Road and such areas. We walked into what seemed to be Shoppers’s Stop at the junction opposite the Blue Nile, but when we got out from the other side, we realised it was a mall called Nucleus, that takes up an entire small block!

Some quick updates about Pune:

The Pune edition of TOI still publishes small stories from the previous day’s Mumbai edition.

M. G. Road will be a Wi-Fi hotspot starting from 25th March. The service will be free for a 90-day trial period, after which, users will have to register and pay. The papers are fully of assuarances that the whole of Pune city will have wireless services within a year.

The authorities want to commit infrastructure to make Pune the IT hub of the future. But IT heads in Pune itself want them to concentrate on Pune’s civic infrastructure instead, since that, along with some decent publicity will benefit the IT industry in Pune in far better ways.

The fly-over near University continues to be delayed. amunix says the delay is supposedly due to the sewage, drains, telecom cables etc, that need to be relocated. The respective departments are asking for more time, because they don’t know their locations. The POA seems to be: “locate and relocate” 🙂 … with appropriate side-effects, of course!