horror at livejournal

Just noticed this weekend that I don’t seem to have any control over ads that LiveJournal shows on my blog. Was browsing on a borrowed PC with no AdBlock, and was shocked to see the right side occupied by a huge flash video of a blonde teenager seemingly chatting on a laptop and “pointing downwards”. […]

No Mono!

Almost everyone who uses the Gnome desktop is familiar with one of either Tomboy or F-Spot … two tools that have become poster boys of the Mono project. Well, I decided to stop using them. Not only that, I decided to purge the root of evil, which is the Mono project itself from my Desktop. […]

verbatim, etc. in beamer

I have been unsuccessful at creating a verbatim environment in a beamer frame. The manual says that it is fully supported, and all you have to do is set the [fragile] argument for that slide. So the following is supposed to work. (Note the weird indenting, since verbatim has to be at the beginning of […]

completing the circle

I have always fancied myself as a small-time free software contributor, fixing a line of code here, filing a useful bug report there, and occasionally jumping into discussions. But finally I got around to putting in a concrete contribution that is worth mentioning. The latest version of Dia is about to be released, and I have […]

my kind of notebook PC is finally here!

Finally decided that I do need a notebook now. The correct segment for me seems to be ultra-thin notebooks, rather than a netbook. And just in time, here comes the HP DV2. The general opinion on the inter-tubes suggests that it’s a good buy. It fulfills the following things that I am looking for: Light (it’s only […]

on becoming a father …

After I became a father, the one question that has been asked most frequently is, of course, "So, how does it feel to be a father?". It’s impossible to describe that feeling in words, but here are a few things so you get the hint: When you have just become a father, it’s okay to […]